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Retaining Wall

Construction of Front Walls - Back Retaining Wall

1. Site Preperation
On this particular job, we took the opportunity to provide some additional building protection and installed new drainage.

2. Loading of Rocks
Seveal tons of rocks were delivered to the site and a bobcat was used to move and place rocks to their designated spot. It's a very labour intensive activity and is not what you'd consider a DIY project. Expereince counts when building retaining walls and drainage and line design are important factors that need to be considered.

A complicated and labour intensive project begins with good drainage and a detailed design to work from. Here is what the site looked like as we began condtruction.

Proper design planning is critical to ensure that the project goals are met. Here we load the rocks for the first layered wall.

Double rock walls added a visually pleasing layered affect and double as an effective drainage distribution system using.